Secure Document Storage Solutions

When it comes to documents, security is of paramount importance. Data breaches can be costly and reputations of businesses can be damaged by leaks which compromise sensitive information about employees or customers. Secure document storage solutions can help protect your organization from cyber attacks and other risks by keeping your documents in order, accessible, and safe.

Document storage solutions are secure online and secure from hackers. This ensures that your documents are protected even when they are accessed via devices owned by others or colleagues.

Many document storage solutions include many collaborative tools that allow users to easily look over and make comments on documents. You can also look for a solution that integrates with your existing systems to minimise the number of applications you use. This can reduce the risk of a security breach, by ensuring that users have access to a single platform for collaboration and sharing documents.

In addition to encrypting your stored documents, you must look for a system that incorporates multi-factor authentication (MFA). This is especially crucial for employees working remotely. They may be required to verify their identity by text message, phone call, or app before they are able to access your files.

Redtail Imaging, for instance is a storage solution for documents created for RIAs that combines the benefits of a content management system and secure cloud storage and collaboration capabilities. It offers bank-level security and is able to help ensure compliance with FINRA and CFPB regulations.

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