Secure Document Exchange – How Secure Document Exchange Can Benefit Your Business

Secure Document Exchange (SDE) is a vital instrument for businesses that need to transfer sensitive data. Sharing files via email could expose businesses to a wide range of security risk. These include financial records as well as customer data, intellectual property, and future business plans.

Secure document exchange solutions can help reduce these risks and provide a more pleasant overall experience for your customers and your employees. It is a powerful technology that lets users upload documents, share and even approve them with anyone, any time any time, from any location.

Thru’s secure document exchange platform is trusted by more than 90,000 customers from a variety of industries to work effectively and efficiently. We are committed to ensuring that our solutions meet all laws and provide highest levels of security. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure at all times. We also allow users to UNshare (revoke access to files) at any time regardless of whether a file has been downloaded to the device of the client, giving you total control over your data.

With secure document exchange tools, it’s simple to reduce the number of manual processes that you have in your workflow, saving your team members a significant amount of time. A simple process like sending the completed document to the client for signature, will be automatically saved in the appropriate folder on your client portal. This makes it unnecessary for an individual member of your team to manually perform the task. This is particularly useful for utility providers, where monthly statements and proof of identity are commonplace. This can speed up the approval process for services and allows them to be established or cancelled faster.

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