Choosing the Right Collaboration Platforms for Your Needs

When projects require team members to collaborate or communicate remotely, online collaboration platforms are crucial for maintaining workflow and helping everyone stay on the right path. There are many different tools on the market however, and deciding the right one to meet your needs can be a challenge.

A powerful search engine lets you to locate internal data quickly and easily to accelerate workflow and thought processes. It also helps eliminate data silos that prevent team members from locating information.

Often, discussions take place through various channels such as chat, email and even your company’s intranet, creating inefficiencies and a higher chance of miscommunication. Unifying communications in the workplace through an online collaboration platform will reduce time spent on email, enhance productivity, and reduce chaos in the workplace.

If your company is in need of an application for file storage that also provides instant messaging and video meetings you should check out Microsoft Teams. The unified communications tool combines workplace chat, video calls and app integration. It’s designed to make it easier to manage projects.

WeTransfer is another option because it’s completely free up to 2GB. Its user-friendly interface allows teams who work with large quantities of data to send files quickly and efficiently.

Think about using a tool like Zeplin for project design. This lets developers and designers collaborate to ensure that the designs are seamlessly translated from design to implementation. For programmers, GitHub is a popular software development tool that serves as a one source of truth for code. It allows teams to make comments on individual lines or the entire repository.

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